Institute of Cancer Research joins Imperial’s AHSC partnership

The Institute of Cancer Research, London, has joined the Imperial College Academic Health Science Centre (AHSC).

The Imperial College AHSC is a strategic University-NHS partnership that aims to accelerate the translation of scientific breakthroughs into innovative ways to provide patient care.

The Imperial College AHSC was the UK's first AHSC and formed in 2007. The Trust is a member along with, Imperial College London, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust.

Now, with the addition of The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), the Imperial College AHSC will bring these five world-leading, West London-based institutions together around their medical research, clinical care and education missions.

The ICR already works in close partnership with existing members of the AHSC to help create breakthrough cancer treatments, improve diagnosis, and find new ways to prevent the disease. It also works with partners to provide research and education opportunities for the next generation of scientists from clinical and non-clinical backgrounds.

Professor Jonathan Weber, Director of Imperial College AHSC, said: “Over the last 10 years, the AHSC has worked to turn science and engineering advances into new, practical ways to prevent and treat diseases.

“We have developed new treatments and technologies that are improving the lives of patients, as well as new ideas and medical devices that reduce health care costs and enhance public health. We are also commercialising research to further disseminate our work and deliver societal and economic benefit in the UK and around the world.

“With the added weight of the ICR, expansion of our AHSC membership will enable us to further develop our ambitious programme to improve clinical care through research, education and training especially in cancer, so that our impact is not just felt in our organisations but by patients, health services and wider society.”

Professor Tim Orchard, Chief executive of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, said:

“The ICR is at the forefront of scientific research into understanding and treating cancer. Their addition to the AHSC is an exciting progression for the partnership and will allow us to take greater steps towards creating and developing new and innovative treatments for cancer patients.”