Launch of ‘Be influential’ campaign marks arrival of this year’s flu vaccine

A campaign developed with staff, for staff, has launched today to protect our patients from flu by ensuring as many of us as possible are vaccinated, as soon as possible.

Over 50 of our best-known colleagues, from across all professions and hospitals, are the faces of this year’s flu campaign. Their support can be seen across our hospitals, including in the foyers and outside lifts.  

Chief pharmacist Ann Mounsey, who has worked at the Trust for over 30 years, said: “I feel a strong social responsibility to get protected so that I don’t unknowingly pass on the virus to patients and other vulnerable groups such as children, the over 65s and the chronically ill. Our pharmacy team are already getting vaccinated and I will be out and about speaking to colleagues to share the facts about why it’s so important we all get protected.”

Pippa Clark, who started as a student nurse at the Trust in 2013 and who is now lead nurse for nursing associates, said: “I always get vaccinated as I’m asthmatic and, this year, I’m a first time peer vaccinator. I can’t wait to get on to the wards and vaccinate my colleagues – it’s the best protection we’ve got.”

Chief executive, Professor Tim Orchard, said: “Having the flu vaccine means living all our values - to be kind, expert, aspirational and collaborative. The science stacks up – vaccines work and they help us protect our patients, colleagues and families as well as ourselves. We’re putting a real focus this year on sharing the facts and encouraging everyone to get vaccinated. If you’re unsure, you won’t be short of experts to talk to. We’ve also made it easier than ever to get the jab so you’ll only need to take a few minutes out of your busy days. Let’s set the standard across our hospitals by getting as near to a 100 per cent uptake as we can!”