Be a patient assessor

We would like to invite local people to become patient assessors and help us to improve the environment where we deliver patient care.

Good environments matter. Every NHS patient should be cared for with compassion and dignity in a clean, safe environment. Patient-led assessments of the care environment (PLACE) help us to make positive changes by gathering feedback directly from patients on how we can improve the environment where we deliver our services. 

The assessments see local people go into hospitals as part of teams to assess how the environment supports patients’ privacy and dignity. The assessments look at food, cleanliness and general building maintenance, and focus wholly on the care environment rather than how care is provided or how well staff are doing their job.

All results of assessments are reported publicly, and show how different hospitals perform both locally and nationally.

PLACE assessments normally take place between March and June. Assessments team are made up of 50 per cent patients and 50 per cent staff. Anyone who uses our services can be a patient assessor, including current patients, their family, visitors or carers, as well as patient advocates and patient council members. The only restriction is on staff who are a patient of the hospital they work at. In these circumstances, the staff member is not able to assess the hospital as a patient assessor.

If you are interested in becoming a patient assessor, please contact Zoe Bergin, quality manager, by email and provide the following information:

• Name
• Email Address
• Contact Telephone Number
• What site(s) you would like to participate in
• What dates you definitely cannot attend
• Your preferred start and finish times