There are a range of staff networks available to our staff that offer a place for staff to come together, share experiences and facilitate learning and development.

The Trust currently has five employee networks, each of which has a staff-led elected chair and an executive sponsor from the Trust's Board. 

The networks are not only a space of support and learning, but also an important venue where our people can share concerns and issues that affect them with the leadership teams. It's a key objective of our EDI strategy to continue the growth and empowerment of our staff networks.

Our networks currently include:

  • The Black, Asian and minority ethnic nursing and midwives network, sponsored by director of nursing Professor Janice Sigsworth. The network has played a critical part in ensuring voices and concerns specific to black, asian and minority ethnic staff have been addressed during COVID-19.
  • The Black, Asian and minority ethnic multi-disciplinary network, sponsored by medical director Professor Julian Redhead. This network works in partnership with the Black, Asian and minority ethnic nursing and midwives network to help the Trust meet its race equality objectives.
  • I-Can, the network for people with disabilities, sponsored by director of corporate governance and Trust secretary Peter Jenkinson, and divisional director for surgery, cancer and cardiovascular, Professor Katie Urch. Key areas for the network include raising awareness of disability issues, Access to Work and the importance of disability data reporting.
  • The LGBTQ+ network, sponsored by divisional director for medicine and integrated care Professor Frances Bowen, and director of transformation Jeremy Butler. The aim of the network is to connect LGBTQ+ staff, reduce health inequalities an improve experience for LGBTQ+ patients and staff.
  • The Women's network, sponsored by director of communications Michelle Dixon and chief financial officer Jazz Thind. The network looks to help improve career opportunities for women by supporting the promotion and development of leadership skills.

Membership to our networks is open to all of our people, including allies, and information on joining is available on the Intranet.