12 Redeveloped Hospitals

In 2019, we launched a major programme to redevelop and refurbish our ageing hospitals and now have the once in a lifetime opportunity of delivering a new net zero St Mary’s Hospital. This, alongside lowering the carbon footprint of Charing Cross and Hammersmith hospitals through extensive refurbishment, will help us become a net-zero carbon exemplar. This work involves sustainability at each step of the way, from materials to methods of construction, energy and resource use, green space and biodiversity, digital transformation, recycling, fleet and supply chain partnerships, and local employment.

The new St Mary’s aims to have net zero construction and operational costs, which will lead to a reduction in carbon emissions locally and within the UK; we are also integrating areas for safe bike storage, which will also improve the carbon footprint in the local area.

In terms of construction, our redevelopment team is embedding a zero-carbon agenda in the construction methodologies appraised for each of the design options. We are keen to not only consider elements such as improvements in embodied carbon throughout the design development process, but also reducing the amount of construction waste sent to landfill. Find out more about our redevelopment work.

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