08 Innovative Care

We will become more sustainable through continuous improvement and innovation in the care we provide for our patients. We are already leading the way on digitally enabled care and will continue focusing on ways to innovate patient-centred care, that is preventative and closer to home where possible.

Renal home therapies

The digital transformation of healthcare has accelerated during the Covid-19 crisis. We are making good progress on projects to transform our renal services, by encouraging post-transplant clinic patients to receive the majority of their outpatient care virtually and to increase the uptake of dialysis at home, rather than at our hospital sites.

The number of dialysis patients receiving renal home therapies has more than doubled from 7% before the pandemic hit to 15%. Building on the successful uptake of this programme, we will scale up this work over the next year. We aim to support up to 25% of our dialysis patients to receive this therapy at home by April 2022.

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