Education centre, Hammersmith Hospital, Du Cane Road, London, W12 0HS

Schwartz Round

Schwartz Rounds are staff-only group discussions that offer a space to share and reflect on the personal, emotional and social aspects of our work in healthcare. Our Rounds are open to all staff who work at the Trust – in clinical and non-clinical roles, academics as well as trainees/students – and our community and partner organisations. 

This Round is at Hammersmith Hospital, in the education centre. The theme is to be confirmed. 

Registration starts at 12.30 and a light lunch is available free of charge from this time for all staff who attend the event.

Please note that if you arrive after the Round begins, you will not be admitted.

Attendance at Schwartz Rounds is accredited by CPDUK and our attendance certificate can be used in personal development, reflective practice and revalidation portfolios.

For further information about what happens at a Schwartz Round, visit the Point of Care Foundation's website

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